The Nunn Family
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James Nunn

James Nunn, my great-grandfather, was "schoolmaster", i.e., headmaster, of this school in Islington in the early part of the 19th century. He originally came from Walthamstow, which was then in the country. The school building still stands (the photograph was taken in 2002), though comparison with the old print of the building shows that it has been slightly altered, the "spires" having been removed; this was probably done in the 1960s. Though no longer a school, the building is now occupied by the Grubb Institute, which, as it happens, works with young people. The actual school house was probably a building at the back. The family shared it with a live-in schoolmistress.

In 1831 James married Martha Goodwin (or Gooding) from Seaford. She was five years his senior. They went on to have seven children, of whom four died in infancy. Another did not live beyond the age of 18. Their sixth child, Edwin, born in 1841, was my grandfather.

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