My Films
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My Films

The Story of Elias CreemThe CaseByegonesMorning CityThe Maestro

In the 1950s I was a keen amateur fim-maker. In those days the now long-defunct magazine Amateur Cine World used to run an annual competition called the "Ten Best", open to amateur film-makers around the world, to which aspiring amateurs would submit their creations. Each year, from all the films entered, ten winners were chosen and screened at a special performance at the National Film Theatre in London (the National Film Theatre staff amongst themselves used rather cruelly to call the event "Toy Night").

In 1958 I was lucky enough to win an "Oscar" (as they were dubbed) with my film The Case and got my fifteen minutes of somewhat limited fame. Two other of my films, Morning City and The Story of Elias Creem, also won various minor awards and were even shown at the Cosmo Cinema, Glasgow (!).

In 1963 I obtained a grant from the British Film Institute Experimental Film Fund to make The Maestro, a surreal comedy which (deservedly) sank without trace - helped by the fact that all the joins came unstuck and the film came to pieces in the BFI's hands (the present version was transferred to DVD by a friend who had saved the discarded 16mm cutting copy).

I have put the films onto YouTube. You can view any of them (they're quite short!) by clicking on the appropriate picture above. After half a century they certainly show their age, being made on a shoestring with old-fashioned equipment and facilities. In addition, they have been taken from a DVD which itself was taken from a VHS tape of the original 16mm prints.