The Nunn Family
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The Nunn Family

This section of the website is intended for those interested in the Nunn family history. From time to time I get the odd e-mail from someone with the surname Nunn somewhere in the world who thinks that I might be a long-lost relative. The fact is that Nunn is a fairly common surname, especially in East Anglia and in particular in the county of Suffolk. My late relative Eric Nunn spent a considerable amount of time and effort assembling our family tree and those of the Pattison, Michele, Carter and Gooding/Goodwin families related to our branch of the Nunn family, and it is his researches on which everything in this section of the website is based. Eric's patient and thorough researches would fill a book and are far too detailed to fit onto this website in their entirety.

This family tree has been made using a remaindered Softkey version of the genealogy program Ultimate Family Tree; it seems to have a few glitches and the navigation links are slightly vague, but it works in its fashion (though for some reason it refuses to register my 1972 marriage!). The earliest ancestor that Eric was able to trace is my great-great-grandfather John Nunn, 1773-1839, who married Sarah (maiden name unknown), 1772-1827. At the time John's ninth child John Henry was born John is recorded as working as a gardener in Walthamstow, then still a country village. A number of wealthy Londoners had second homes in Walthamstow, offering employment opportunities for gardeners and others.

Of John's nine children, two died in the year of their birth and a third at the age of sixteen.

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