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The Last Supper
The Last Supper (1st version)
146 x 267 cm, painted around 1938-39

According to his own account, this canvas was discovered between two sheets of plywood by Dr. Coremans in 1949 on a visit to Van Meegeren's one-time villa in Nice. Curiously, despite the large size of this picture it had not been found there in at least two extremely thorough searches some years earlier. This fuelled further controversy over the authorship of two of the paintings, the Emmaus and the "second" Last Supper. (See Argument). Decoen, who believed the Emmaus and the second Last Supper were genuine Vermeers, thought this "discovery" by Coremans just too much to swallow and alleged that this picture was, in effect, a "fake fake" painted at a later date and designed to strengthen the case that Van Meegeren was the forger of the second Last Supper.

Compare this picture with the second version of the Last Supper.

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